Rare Diseases in Neurology

February 27, 2020.
I.    category course of continuous education
Rare diseases in neurology
Course manager:
Prof. dr. sc. Silva Butković Soldo
Osijek, February 27, 2020.
Clinic for Neurology, 3rd floor - Lecture hall

Multidimensional Approach in Treating Psychiatric Disorders

February, 14 – 15, 2020.
Course “Multidimensional approach in treating psychiatric disorders” integrates interdisciplinary specialist areas presenting what is new  in diagnostics, therapy and treatment of psychiatric patients.
Venue: Faculty of Medicine Osijek, room P1
Course managers: doc. dr. sc. Anamarija Petek Erić, dr. med. and doc. prim. dr. sc. Ljiljana Radanović-Grgurić, dr. med.

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