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"Alumni" is a popular term (of Latin origin; Latin plural of "alumnus" – former member of an institution, most often of a university – Alma Mater) for former students of a particular higher education institution which remain related to it in some way. Alumni clubs are common associations in the world and at some universities they have century old tradition. The oldest alumni association with uninterrupted existence is "Society of Alumni of Williams College",established on September 5, 1821 – 28 years afterestablishment of the College. Although the Faculty of Medicine of Josip Juraj Strossmayer University in Osijek is one of the most recent constituents of the University, founded in not so distant 1998, it is keen to establish a permanent connection with its graduate students and notify them on its development plans and programs. We also wish to encourage all of you who obtained a diploma from this Faculty to assist our efforts in improving it further.
The objective of the Alumni Club is to establish and maintain relationsbetween the Faculty and its graduate students. The Faculty of Medicinewishes to establish a permanent relationship with its graduate students, to notify them on its development plans and to engage all those who wish to assists in the development and promotion of the Faculty's reputation. Former students can influence the creation of the Faculty's development strategy; they can influence the formation of new curricula and assist in marketing and promotion of the Faculty itself. By developing their own personal reputation, all our former students also improve the reputation of the Faculty. Likewise, the more respectable your University or Faculty is, the more valuable your diploma will be in the future...

Some of the main objectives of the Club are the following:

  • Establishing and maintaining relations between the Faculty and its students aftercompletion of their studies;
  • Connecting of all former students in the ALUMNI Club MEFOS;
  • Developing a bridge of cooperation between the Faculty and companies or organisations where former students are employed;
  • Exchange of professional and business information among Club members;
  • Promotion and improvement of the Faculty's activities;
  • Promotion of the Faculty's reputation;
  • Popularization of science;
  • Encouragement of improvements in physicians' work and affirmation of physicians' position and role in the society, as well as promotion of the overall reputation of the profession;
  • Protecting professional interests of physicians and other Alumni Club members, in accordance with the code and rules of the profession;
  • Organisation of round tables on significant professional issues;
  • Impact on formation of public scientific and professional opinion regarding all significant issues in development of medicine as a profession and as a science;
  • Encouraging the organisation of conferences and lectures for Club members;
  • Celebration of anniversaries and memorial dates;
  • Cooperation with other Alumni clubs in Croatia and abroad.

The ALUMNI Club MEFOS is a club for former students who defended a final paper, graduated or obtained a doctoral degree at the Faculty of Medicine in Osijek or at the former off-site Study of Medicine of Zagreb School of Medicine that used to be conducted in Osijek. Members are admitted upon filling in an application form and questionnaire.

Statute of the Alumni Club (.pdf)

Minutes fromthe Founding Meeting of the Alumni Club (.pdf)

Application Form and Questionnaire of the Alumni Club (.docx)

The founding meeting of the Association of Former Students of the Faculty of Medicine in Osijek – "ALUMNI Club MEFOS" was held on December 5, 2014, on the premises of the Faculty of Medicine in Osijek of Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek.

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